August 5, 2008

UK & EU Tour, Winter/Spring 2008 - Photos

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Between February and June of this year we toured more or less constantly. Not only was this type of non-stop schedule new for us, but most of our time was spent in England and mainland Europe, places we’d never been as a band. There were a lot of new people and places to encounter and, as with any tour that doesn’t end with someone in jail or stranded at the side of a highway, the simple fact that all the impossible logistics worked out so well was genuinely shocking.

We had such a good time getting to know these places and bands. When I remembered to I would take a picture. These photos are from those two UK/EU tours - with Editors and Tokyo Police Club - skipping (for now) our States-side spring tour with Cut Copy and Black Kids, which was also great. Click on breakfast to get started.

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