December 29, 2008

Casio Police Club

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I am bending a casiotone mt-100 for graham from tokyo police club. Here it is with my original unpainted mt-100:

I told him I would paint it up cool. I’ve never really taken apart and painted a keyboard before. Very complicated. All the keys were done separately. Putting it back together was a huge pain.

BUT it sure looks rad!

I used a label maker to do the controls. The white labels all but disappear on the white keyboard.

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December 25, 2008

Little drummer boyz

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December 22, 2008

Happy Jewish Christmas!

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My ever lovin’ wife got me a safari flashlight from cracker barrel for jewish christmas. What a woman!

It makes a variety of jungle noises and promptly got bent.

I also recently acquired an old italian keyboard by bontempi, which was packed by a moron and arrived broken from ebay (thanks for nothing, Dean Sancho!). Anyways I popped it open and think I can fix it up. Also from ebay a barbie karaoke which is basically a gritty little amp with built in delay - also not bent yet.

Some fun in the attic last night, despite the cold. . . .

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December 17, 2008

Some things I liked in 2008

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Mad Men -  Before this show, I can’t say I was very curious about the atmosphere at Madison Avenue advertising firms circa 1960 and the drunken lives of its worker bees.  But now it seems like a completely acceptable obsession to have.

Chic - I fell completely in love with Chic this fall.  Especially their amazing string arrangements, apparently done by one of the Daft Punk-ers fathers (weird).  I’m serious, their strings sound like the best cotton candy you’ll never have.


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December 13, 2008

Vtech Whiz Kid 3.0

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This is the third incarnation of whiz kids I’ve bent. And it is awesome!

In addition to the usual looping/glitching (which you can see better in other posts), I’ve added two “feedback” tone knobs (high and low) with a photo theremin connected to the low tone, a 555 LFO that can trigger an LED to control the photo theremin, re-trigger the sounds/glitches, or pulsate the feedback tones, and a “glitch” LED that pulsates in strange rhythms.

When you turn on the photoresistor and both LEDs you get crazy polyrhythmic patterns of blooping and whatnot, modified by the knobs, the rate of the LFO, or the photoresistor.

Add a custom Metallic Kool Aid paint job, and you’ve got one hell of a machine.

Here it is making sweet love with the Schatz Box:

Do you like?

I’m gonna put this up on ebay, or contact me if you want to commission one.

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December 7, 2008

Circuit Bent Cigarettes

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American Spirit Atari Punk Console!

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December 2, 2008

APC in three styles

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Atari Punk Console AKA Forrest Mims’ Stepped Tone Generator.

I built this atari punk console into a little blue plastic box I found by the side of the road, left on a damp table of junk left over from a rained out yard sale.  Can anyone tell me what it is?  I want more.

It fits nicely in the palm of your hand, with your thumb on the trigger.  The lower knob is pitch, the upper controls the “steps” or “range”. I added a 1/4 inch line out.

I put a little speaker on the top so you can play it “on the go”, and the ultra bright LED pulsates in time, setting the whole box off.

This video has three sections: first the raw box, then with reverse delay, and lastly with the boomerang as a looping pedal.

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