November 26, 2008


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This is the second version of my homemade oscillator synth box thingy. It uses a 555 chip like the last one and a 556 like in Forrest Mims III’s “sound synthesizer” AKA the Atari Punk Console.

Top right, there is a toggle switch to power up a repeating rhythmic pulse or a push button that only plays when its pressed down.

At the top are two flashing LED arms linked to two of the oscillators’ outputs. In the center is a photoresistor linked to the pitch control.

The knobs control the rate, pitch, and range.

The “keyboard” has four tunable buttons that can control either the pitch or the range.

On the right are two switches that exchange capacitor values jumping the pitch up or just changing the timbre depending on the other settings.

And below that are three switches that route the 555 back into various pins on the 556 for a variety of lively tonal effects reminiscent of the harp or a piano.

So there it is! Fun to play and look at. If I can find some decent enclosures, I may try to build some more of these.

Here are the two Schatz boxes in tandem:

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November 18, 2008

Schatz Box 1.0

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This is my first instrument designed and built from scratch.  Well, the design isn’t particularly original, but it was fun to build, and came out pretty cool.


It’s a basic square wave generator, composed of two 555 LFOs, one feeding the other. YUM!

Similar to the Atari Punk.

The two knobs up top control the rate and pitch.  The switches and knobs below create a crude keyboard. One cool feature is that different combinations of buttons add up to higher pitches.  Lots of fun to play. 

Here it is jamming with a yamaha dd-5 circuit bent drum machine:

I’ve got some glitches to work out, and I am going to try to build a sequencer like this one:

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November 10, 2008

Some more Attic Jams

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This is a circuit bent yamaha pss-130. It only has 2 knobs on it, an overdrive and a “choke” filter. Simple but tasty. The original sounds are just thick squarewave-y luscious nintendo sounding tones. I think I might try to add an LFO that controls the distortion or some such to give it a tremolo effect.

Try playing both videos together! if you get the timing right, it works perfectly.

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November 6, 2008

Voting in New York - Patriotic in the extreme

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Computerized, “touch screen” voting is slowly becoming the norm in the States and I for one am not very excited.  First of all, that shit is sketchy.  Second, it’s one step closer to sitting at home and voting in your underwear over the internet.  Yes, I think you should have to put on pants to vote. Call me old-fashioned.

But in New York, voting is still an amazing experience.

First of all, it only takes place in nostalgia-inducing grade school gymnasiums.  You wait in line, talk to a nice old lady, sign your name on a dotted line, and are quickly ushered into a little booth.



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November 1, 2008

Barack the Vote!

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We are happy to hand a song over to BarackRock, a program that is pairing bands and visual artists to give away “singles” with original artwork by designers.

We chose our Daytrotter session version of “The Loving Sounds of Static.” It’s way different than the original.  Providing artwork are our friends in vision, Wyeth Hansen and Ryan Dunn, aka Labour, who also directed both of our videos and are generally awesome.

Also, one of my favorite musicians in the world, Cody ChestnuTT, delivered this awesome song to the site today.

Vote on Tuesday!

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