February 27, 2008

Europe or Burst!

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Well, that bearded gentleman with the crazed glint in his eye is our good friend and current road master, Ryan “Cap’n” Pardey. He’s with us for our grand European tour as a driver, tour manager, shmoozer, snoozer, confidante, and general grease for the wheels of the old country. We threw him in the deep end of the pool, making him drive our massive “splitter” van through rush hour London traffic, on the wrong side of the car, down the wrong side of the street, on two hours sleep, the day after he learned to drive a stick shift. Yikes! That’ll grow ya some short ones.

So, the tour is going well so far. We’re backstage in Glasgow, at our third show. Ireland loved the Mobius Band, let’s hope the UK agrees.

Here are some more pictures. . .


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February 14, 2008


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Happy Valentine’s Day from Mobius Band to you. Our new covers EP, LOVE WILL REIGN SUPREME, can be downloaded here. I wrote a little about recording it here.

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February 12, 2008

Paul Simon: Still Crazy in the 1980’s

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Paul Simon - I never get sick of the guy. (more…)

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Mobius Band Takes Another Continent

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It’s true! We’re going on tour in the UK and Europe! We’ll be opening for Editors for 6 or 7 weeks from Belfast to Barcelona, London to Lyon, Dublin to Darmstadt. What. Tour dates here.

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February 3, 2008

Back up in Mass

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The week before last, we went up to Noam’s house in Hatfield to do some recording. More details about what’s going to be released will be here soon, but basically the idea was to take just a few days in a room with our instruments and make some music. Normally our process is very slow and considered, but this time we wanted to tone down the editing and turn up the spontaneity.


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